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   SSR Rider Development  was founded in 2012 by Steven Squire. Steven is a former professional MX / XC/ SX Racer.  Due to some untimely injuries he was forced from professional racing for a period of time.  It was during this down time he found a niche in the racing world, where he could use his experience and knowledge to help others develop theirs.  While starting to train a small group of riders, and after taking some time to heal, Steven decided to race professionally in the XC/ off road world.  He discovered again, people looking for help to elevate their own riding and racing. 
  Today, the small group of riders he started out with has turned into a hundred plus riders and racers looking to better their performance. Steven and the team he has partnered with along the way, has helped improve the performance and guided some of his students to AMA Regional and National Championships.